Day Trading Versus Gambling – Differentiating the Two

Many a times, day trading in stocks and currencies is likened with gambling. This is mostly because of the unpredictability of the market. As in gambling, outcome of any action in stock or currency markets is uncertain. If the players knew the outcome then every body could be rich overnight.Secondly day trading is subject to huge losses and gains just like gambling.Thirdly the usual traits of gambling like greed, fear, ignorance and hope are important elements of both the markets. In fact these four are the foremost emotions governing any sort of trading and gambling.Many traders and gamblers trade by emotion.Despite many resemblances between the two, there are important differences which make day trading in stocks and currencies unlike gambling.A Trading PlanIn day trading, one can have a trading plan which is not true in case of gambling. This plan will identify the points of entry and exit, the selection of timings, the choice of currencies or stocks and the like. So it is trading by plan rather than by emotion.Trading ToolsThere are several tools available to a day trader which are not relevant in gambling. A lot of research has gone in these and traders take advantage of them. Though not always helpful, these do make certain things clearer.Most important tools in this are maps, charts, graphs, moving averages etc. One can also use techniques like stop loss and limited price trading.Large Number of Players InvolvedIn stock markets there are a large number of players. None of them is in a position to influence the market. The market is news driven. In gambling it is all a matter of chance.Market TimingIn day trading, the most important thing is market timing. This is unlike the case with gambling.Legal PositionLegally gambling is prohibited in most of the places. There are severe restrictions on online gabling. On the other hand, day trading is totally legal both online and through a broker. While gambling is abhorred by the society at large, day trading is considered as a profession by many.Exchange RulesThere are extensive rules and regulations governing day trading as prescribed by many trading exchanges. On the other hand there are no such rules governing gambling.Thus there are many important differences between day trading and gambling. However, both are extremely risky and liable to huge losses. It is hard to make any predictions though in gambling it is totally irrelevant. Both are subject to high stakes.

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – Feeling the Game When Betting

Read these Texas Hold Em Poker tips on how important it is to get a feeling for the for game when you’re betting.To be able to bet properly – the right amount at the right time – you need to have a good feeling for the game. When playing Texas Hold Em Poker, making a crucial bet tips the game in your favour. You need to get the most things working for you as possible if you are ever going to make it in ruthless No Limit Hold Em.Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – How To Make Sure The Time Is Right For The Perfect BetYou starting hands, bets, style of play and grasp of the other players style of play and possible hands all need to line up together in order for you to make huge leaps and bounds and grow your stack into a monster.At certain times in the game, the last thing you want is for your opponent to call your bet. Think of an extreme example, like your completely bluffing 7-3 because you’ve lulled your opponent into thinking you are tight and only play premium cards.In this instance you absolutely do not want your opponent to call your bet so you need to bet a large enough amount that he won’t possibly consider it. The aim is to force them to fold and you seriously want to, need to, achieve this sometimes.Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – Tricking Opponents With Crafty BetsIn a different situation say, you definitely do want your opponents to bet. Maybe you’ve been playing very loose and raising almost every pot. Then you hit those great pocket kings, so you really want your opponents to call you.You’re sure you’ve got the best hand and you are keen to increase the size of the pot that is most surely yours. You want to get the most value out of your hand as you possible can. You’ll need to bet an amount of money that, at least you think, is modest enough that most of the other players will call you. Then you can earn a little extra on that hand.Betting decisions are complex and there is no end to having to deal with these when playing No Limit Hold Em. The crux of the game, that you can bet up to no limit, means that practice and experience in betting are crucial.Any amount you bet likely tips the game in another direction and this is what makes it so crucial to the overall game. Like anything, you need to get a good amount of experience in order to be able to best determine the amount you should bet in a given situation.

How About Some Cheap Online Games to Try For Fun

You have a computer and have enjoyed playing free games which come with it like solitaire, spider solitaire, freecell, pinball and hearts. But you have come to the stage where you would like to try something more. How about some cheap online games to try for fun.To start with, your internet provider has a selection of games that they feature. Some are free, others are cheap and there are also games that can be downloaded onto your computer. The games could be listed on your welcome page or landing page or toolbar. Other games of interest will need to be searched for, through your search engine. Just type in”cheap online games” (please note, that you should put cheap online games in these inverted comas “——–” so you get listings for cheap online games. If you do not use these ” ” then you will get listings for cheap; and online; and games; as well ) or type in a specific game. If you find many listings for a particular game then it is more likely to be either free or fairly cheap. The popular and rare and hard to find games are most likely not going to be cheap. But you never know your luck.You need to be aware that cheap online games may not have the same features and levels as more expensive versions and the graphics may be less advanced. However you can find cheap online games for every skill and age level. And this is great for children, especially since their taste and interests change often they may only play a game once before they lose interest.Cheap online games are available on many different sites and there are varying ways to pay and play. Some games:1. have a short free trial period then a fee is required.
2. have a small fee each time they are played.
3. have a monthly fee with fairly unlimited play and restrictions to this.Whatever the game is, the fee should not break your bank and there are many of them.Make sure you understand all the rules associated with the site and games you want to play. You need to know the cancellation process clearly and that you are note paying for more than a month at a time.Now that you have read all this how about some cheap online games to try for fun. You may enjoy the change.